Our Managed IT Service keeps our client’s IT environment running smoothly and at a full speed. Most small to medium sized businesses do not want to hire a full time IT Staff to maintain their IT infrastructure as it can be costly as well as waste of resource. We can be your outsourced IT department or an extension to your already existing IT department that will constantly monitor and manage your network devices, servers, and workstations to ensure a fully optimized IT infrastructure, minimizing downtime, and maximizing productivity.

Benefits of Our Managed IT Services :

Lower IT Costs

  • We custom design your plan your Managed IT Service based on your needs and you pay a flat rate monthly fee. This will eliminate or minimize the need for a full time IT department or staff to monitor and manage your IT resources.
  • Since we will be monitoring your IT Infrastructure 24×7, you will have more predictable IT expenses.

Lower Risk of IT downtime

  • We are constantly monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure, hence lower risk of server or network downtime. Our powerful system tools will allow alert our support team almost instantly and allow us to prevent or fix quickly any possible failures.

Increased Productivity for Clients

  • We understand your business is important and we want you to focus on what you do best i.e. your business. We also understand that businesses these days rely heavily on computer resources. Our 24x7x365 monitoring system will ensure that your IT resources are always available to you – hence increased productivity.

Implementation of Latest Technology

  • We understand Technology and we go to great lengths to ensure our packages are packed with latest technologies. This means your IT infrastructure is always up-to-date and in line with current technological advances. Please note that vendors constantly release hardware and software updates, and we ensure all patches and updates are proactively processed.

Disaster Recovery

  • When disaster strikes, every moment counts. It can be a cause of great loss for small to medium sized businesses. We are familiar with all our Clients IT structure and hence we can come to rescue quickly. Businesses without IT department or Managed Service Provider end up into costly recovery process as IT firms would charge almost double or triple their fees during emergencies. In addition, since IT firms are not familiar with your network, it takes them longer to come up with a recovery plan and implementation. You can avoid all this if you have a team that is already familiar with your IT structure and already have a recovery plan, ahead of the disaster.

Equipment Monitoring

  • IT equipment tend to breakdown as they age. We monitor all your hardware and software assets (including warranty and service status) to ensure you are able to proactively replace if needed.

Hardware Service

  • Over the years we have developed business relationship with many Computer Hardware distributors. We can easily replace/swap hardware equipment for your business should any equipment need replacement. We also carry Hardware products;hence our customers receive competitive and deep discounts for all their hardware requirement.

Help Desk

  • Our Helpdesk is always available for support. You will receive a customer number and all available communication methods (email/phone/chat) to contact us anytime there is a need for you to contact us for information or support.